Few days ago was my 28th birthday, so I made a small, tasteful dinner for my family and friends.

Inspiration for this dinner was Mediterranean cuisine, colorful and flavorful, such as that summer day.

For appetizer my dear guests tasted magnificent melon wrapped in delicious Italian prosciutto with a slice of mozzarella on top and sweet corn on side. Perfect salt-sweet combination made start of this evening so playful.


                 Ingredients and directions:

          To make this brilliant dish you need one half of medium size melon, 200gr of prosciutto really thinly sliced and 100gr of mozzarella. Slice melon on cubes 1,5×1,5cm, wrap every slice of melon in slice of prosciutto and on top of every piece place a small slice of mozzarella. Sweet corn cut on thirds and cook in salty water until it’s done.


For entrée I served skewers with prunes and dates stuffed with gorgonzola and goat cheese wrapped in bacon.



               For this dish you will need 30 pcs of prunes and 30 pcs of dates, 150gr of bacon, 50gr of gorgonzola, 50gr of goat cheese, one medium size eggplant, one medium size zucchini, 60 pcs of cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms and some figs.



                   Cut every prunes and dates on half and put a small piece of cheese (gorgonzola or goat) in it and wrap it in bacon. On wooden stick rack up one prune and date, piece of eggplant, piece of zucchini, a cherry tomatoe, piece of button mushroom and half of fig. When you are done, grill all skewers. After grilling sprinkle all skewers with salt and Mediterranean spices (mixture of thyme, rosemary, parsley leafs, basil, savory, mustard seeds).

For side dishes I made 3 salads: rustic potato salad, mixed vegetable salad and tzatziki salad.

Rustic potato salad:


                                1kg potato

                                2 medium size red onions

                                fennel seeds

                                3 tbl spoons of aceto balsamico (balsamic vinegar)

                                1 tea spoon of salt and pepper


                        Cook potatoes in the skin until it’s done. Pill it and cut potatoes into pieces and let it cool down. In meanwhile sliced onion on thin ribs. When potato is cold, mix potatoes, onion, fennel seeds, aceto balsamico, salt and pepper. Place the salad in the fridge.


Mixed  vegetable salad:


                               2 tomatos

                                1 cucumber

                                1 red onion

                                1 tbl spoon of Mediterranean spices

                                50gr feta cheese

                               150gr green olives

                                1 tbl spoons of aceto balsamico (balsamic vinegar)

                                1 tea spoon of salt and pepper


                      Cut tomatos and cucumber on pieces and onion on thin ribs. Mix all ingredients, crumble cheese over the salad and place the salad in the fridge.

Tzatziki salad:


                               2 cucumbers

                                100gr of Greek yoghurt

                                1 tea spoon of dill

                                1 tea spoon of salt and pepper


                  Cut cucumbers on pieces and mix all ingredients and place the salad in the fridge.

For those who love bread with the main dish on the menu was vegetarian corn bread.



4 cups corn flour
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 cup sparkling water
250g grain corn
2 yellow peppers
1 baking powder


Cut pepper into small dice. Mix all ingredients and bake 30 min at 180C

After this light dinner I decided to serve some light cake for dessert. It’s summer and for me ultimate summer fruit is raspberry. In my old family cook book I found great recipe for Mediterranean wine cake.



                               2x300gr all purpose flour

                                2×2 tea spoon of mixture of ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger

                                2x300ml of sweet white wine

                                2x200ml of vegetable oil

                                2x50ml of honey (I made a twist using a maple syrup)

                                2 baking powders

                                2x100gr of raspberry jam

                                2×2 tbl spoons of ground vanilla caramel



                       In two bowls mix all dry ingredients, and in two cups mix all liquid ingredients. Combine dry and liquid ingredients in two bowls – one bowl for one bark.

                       In two molds (ø24cm each) pour the bark dough and bake it 35min on 185oC.

                       When barks are done, coat each bark with raspberry jam and vanilla caramel.

                       Place one bark on the top of other and decorate a cake with fresh raspberries.

If you want to impress your friends with light and tasteful dinner this is a menu for you.