What fashion should look like in 2016.?

It must intrigue you, to make you think about society and future. One girl succeeded in this with her first major collection….

Young designer, Mona Lacko, from Subotica (Serbia), made a brilliant collection named XTAL and took a significant place on the last Serbian Fashion Week with her idea of a new-age men….


Photo by: ​Ognjen Tadić

The main objective of this collection was to showcase hooligan subculture hand in hand with LGBT subculture – their social, sociological and political similarities with the aesthetics of homoerotic roughness….


Photo by: ​Ognjen Tadić

Indeed, whole Mona’s work is dedicated to make statements. Next to XTAL collection, her already signature collection, named MUSTAFA, makes questions about men’s and women’s position in conservative societies and questions our perception of gender and culture in general. Men covered in hijab is definitely something that have to be seen on the streets, just to break stereotypes about men, women, other cultures and ourselves….



Photo by:  DECKER+KUTIC’

This year will be definitely Mona’s Year, so keep eyes on her…..